Vuktchr Farms

Kate MacDonald and Desmond Rabinowitz, owners of Vuktchr farm of Twisp Washington, sell their pure spun honey and pesticide-free fruits, vegetables and berries.

“Vuktchr Farm is a family owned tradition honoring the important presence of bees and tireless work of the very busy ladies who pollinate our beautiful gardens and produce our pure golden honey. In the process of collecting their nectar and pollen, they also sustain our crops and contribute significantly to their output of fruits, vegetables and berries,” says Kate.  She and Desmond provide an environment that is pesticide free and have planted a mixture of “bee specific” flowers together with the fruits, vegetables and berries that produce a variety of pollen and nectar from which the bees can forage.


Find Vuktchr products at a variety of Methow Valley retailers and farmers markets.