Twisp River Organic Apples

Richard Murray became interested in orcharding when he moved to Twisp in 1979 to work for the Forest Service and found out about the agriculture history of this area.  

“Before the Big 1968 Freeze in the Methow, the apples were prized throughout Washington for their keeping quality and flavor.”

As Richard learned more about orchards and the apples of the Methow, he decided to try his own hand at it. He planted his first tree on his land on the south facing shelf of the Twisp River flats in 1989. Today, the orchard boasts 180 trees and features rare heirloom apples such as the Spitzenburg, a favorite of Thomas Jefferson.


Tastes great. More beautiful.

All apples are grown organically and with practices that focus on the conservation of the land.  They are handpicked by Murray’s family and friends for their color and size but his main focus is on taste.

“Red Delicious used to be a wonderful apple but as its popularity grew, growers began selecting them based on shape and color. Often in this process, the tastiest apples were overlooked. We want our apples to be beautiful. But moreover we want them to taste great.”

Twisp Organic Orchards apples are available seasonally throughout the Valley and at the Methow Valley Farmer’s Market in Twisp.

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