Thomson's Custom Meats

Chris Thomson first visited the Methow Valley as a child, spending the summer here camping and fishing with his friends. One of his oldest memories of the valley includes being invited on a tour of the old meat shop on Twisp-Carlton Road. This began his lifelong love for meat and butchering. When the property went on the market in 2008, Chris and his wife Diana jumped at the chance to make his long-time dream of owning that shop come true. "It was time to chase our dream of owning and operating our own retail meat shop featuring meat of the type and quality we felt was wanted in the Valley." A family run business, each of Chris and Diana's children have taken their turn at the chopping block and are all experience meat-cutters.  


All natural, locally grown meat

Five years later, Thomson's Custom Meats serves some of the best meat in town. Thomson has developed a fully in-house process which allows Chris to control every aspect of the affair, from the butchering to the final product.

"We wanted to handcraft meat products as much as possible. Using specialized equipment and tools and the best meat available has allowed us to offer quality products that we are truly proud to call our own; from the freshly ground beef to the applewood smoked ham!"

The recipes for Thomson's famous sausages come from years of experimenting with recipes and flavors. With sausage offerings such as Spanish Chorizo, Chicken Apple and Spicy Thai plus a variety of other custom meats, Thomson’s has something for every taste. In addition to that, they accept animals for processing from throughout the state.

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