Texas Creek Products

Texas Creek Products started off as a family affair, as many companies do. Ann Simmons had been making salsa for her husband who was bringing it to work. His co-workers began stealing the salsa from his lunchbox because it was so delicious. Ann thought “Hmm, I could sell this.” She was right.

Fresh grown chopped tomatoes and all local ingredients mixed with a delicate blend of spices led to the theft of Ann’s husband’s salsa, but her true passion lies in making her hot sauce.


Awards! Awards! Awards!

“We first did the Chipotle Hot Sauce when nobody knew what a chipotle pepper was. It was a medium heat hot sauce. Once we saw how well it did we made Wildfire, a hotter version of it. I come up with a new idea about once a year.”

Ann comes up with recipes for new products by experimenting with flavors and peppers from her garden, and from other local farmers.  Her ideas have paid off: the Chipotle BBQ Sauce and the Ghostfire Hot Sauce both received 2013 Scovie awards and 2013 Golden Chile awards, two national spicy food competitions. 

Texas Creek’s newest venture is Pure Evil: Pure liquid capsaicin, the chemical compound that puts the heat or pungency in chiles. The drops can be used to add heat to any food without changing the flavor. 

Find Texas Creek products in the cooler and on the shelves at retailers around the Methow Valley, including Hanks Harvest Foods and the Winthrop IGA. 

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