Terry Olson moved to the Methow Valley in 1992 and started blowing glass again ten years ago in 2004, after taking a break from his studio to raise a family. Terry is a skilled craftsman, woodcarver and illustrator; he creates 3D metal art sculptures and amazing architectural renderings in pen and ink, in addition to wood carvings and totems of Polynesian gods. But ultimately, it is the shaping and forming of molten glass that enthrall him.

Terry's technical skills and traditional yet bold aesthetic are evident in each custom-made, handblown glass bowl, vase and cup he creates. One of his favorite techniques is using patches of color from discards and wrapping the broken pieces with molten black glass to form an intricate pattern.

Terry Olson Glass can be found at Local 98856 and the Confluence Gallery & Art Center in Twisp and at the Courtyard Quail in Winthop. 


The basic tools and processes for blowing glass are the same for everybody, Terry says. "It's your creativity and direction that make it unique."

Blowing glass is challenging. The failure rate is high. Molten glass is difficult to control. But Terry finds it fascinating.

"Molten glass is like this honey liquid. Even though it's hard to control, there are so many different ways to form it--it's alive!"

Terry's greatest influences are Lino Tagliapietra, a renowned Venetian glass artist, who teaches internationally and at the Pilchuck Glass School in Washington, and Dante Marioni, who employs "net" and mosaic techniques and opaque and transparent colors in his classical Greek, Italian and modern forms.

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