Sustainable Worth

Sindi Scheinberg Perry knows dry skin. From her first day in the Methow, she noticed an immediate need for top-quality products to help battle the effects of the arid climate on her skin. "I have sensitive skin, and I am allergic to a lot of products. My dry skin here was painful! That is why all my products, first and foremost, focus on moisture," she says.

A product designer by trade, Sindi has spent most of her career as a creative director in the athletic apparel industry working for companies such as Nike and Adidas. Sindi first visited the Methow Valley in 2007 to attend her sister's wedding. Just days after the festivities were over, Sindi packed her stuff and headed north for good, leaving her home in Portland behind. 

Wanting to cure her dry skin and put her product design skills to good use, Sindi created Sustainable Worth, a line of aromatheraputic skin care products. 


It's All About The Moisture


Sustainable Worth began with a consultation with fellow Methow Made producer Robin Baire who helped Sindi create aromatherapy blends. One of her lines, "Rest,” features a special aromatheraputic blend which encourages relaxation. Others focus on muscle therapy and fatigue.  Her favorite product, "Body Honey," is the one that saved her skin during the dry months.

"You literally can't find better quality ingredients than what is in Sustainable Worth," Sindi says. The flowers and herbs in the salves and creams are all grown in Sindi’s own backyard, and the products also feature local honey. Made in small batches, the products carry a "best by" date to let customers know that they are buying the freshest product.

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