Sunny Pine Farm

Ed and Vicky Welch met in Santiago, Chile, when Vicky was on her way south from Chicago and Ed was on a two-week leave from his station in the Peace Corps. That two week mark came and went, and the pair showed little sign of slowing down. They continued travelling through South America until they had spent their last cent. Their travels together continued for decades--ending up on their 87-acre goat dairy on the Twisp River with dozens four-legged friends.

Their first introduction to goats was on a whim. According to Ed, “I ended up getting a job in the Mt. Hood forest so we moved there. Vicky’s brother and sister gave us a goat as a housewarming gift—we brought it to Oregon in our u-haul.”


Organic Certification No. 14


Today, Sunny Pine Farm makes four flavors of chevre, feta, and yogurt, all from milk produced on their farm. They feature unique flavor profiles including a Lavender Honey Chevre, which is made of lavender also grown on the farm. 

“We started organic farming in 1988. Our Washington organic certification number was 14 and it still is,” says Ed. “We learned a lot about growing crops in those days and knew how to take care of individual goats, but that was really not preparation for a dairy. Learning how to be a dairyman is very intensive: You must raise a large number of goats, milk the goats and know how to make cheese and yogurt.”

Sunny Pine products are available in most locations throughout the Methow Valley as well as in Seattle Whole Foods locations, and through direct order from the farm.

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