SMiling WoodS Yurts

The creation of our custom round buildings has been an interesting journey to becoming a premier supplier of handcrafted, beautiful wood yurts throughout North America and beyond. Now under the new management of Hanz Scholz, our focus remains on great design, efficiency, and affordability. 

Working in harmony with the environment

“Throughout our process we have held the intention to source high quality lumber, non-toxic adhesives, oil and thinner. When we found a manufacturer for our metal roof we knew we had found the environmentally friendly roofing solution that worked for us. Our continuing effort in developing our production in alignment with lean manufacturing principles allows us to use our resources as conscientiously as possible, leaving us with minimal waste. What we do not use in the construction of your home generally finds another purpose either in house or in our greater community.”

Our love for fine wood working

“The wooden central ring has always been a focal point in our homes. As wood workers this is important to us to have this as an architectural feature as it adds elegance to the entire building and allows us to use the fine wood working skills we cherish.” 

Discover Smiling Woods Yurts sited throughout the Methow Valley and on their website at smilingwoodsyurts.com or Call 509-996-YURT (9878).