Russell’s Blacksmith shop is a one man production shop located in Carlton.  Here blacksmith Dan Russell forges an extensive and ever expanding line of iron furnishings for the home. Dan was trained by longtime Winthrop blacksmith DJ Stull, and is proud to carry on his legacy as well as that of all the smiths who have gone before.



Blacksmithing is an ancient craft, and while tools and materials have been refined and improved in modern times the fundamental magic of heating steel and forging it into useful and beautiful objects hasn’t changed much through the millennia. “I’m a history buff” says Russell, “and working by myself I have a lot of time to think.  I like to think for instance that a Roman blacksmith from Julius Caesar’s day could walk into my shop and pretty much just go to work, or that I could do the same in his.  The craft just hasn’t changed all that much, and that historical continuity is very appealing to me”


Russell’s Blacksmith shop is committed to producing functional works of art, which in most cases should provide a lifetime or more of service.  
“This work is about as far removed as you can get from the massed produced disposable goods that have become so dominant in our culture.  Everything I make should be able to do its job well for a very long time, and if need be it can always be forged into something else, even the raw material has real value”

Items produced in Dan’s shop include fireplace tools, cabinet hardware, many varieties of hooks, towel bars, candle holders, bbq utensils, lighting, shelf brackets, and much more.  Custom orders are welcome as well.
Dan’s work is available locally at The Mazama Store, The Aspen Grove, The Iron Horse, Methow Masala, and D*Signs gallery.

Items are also available for purchase from his website