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Rocking Horse Bakery

Steve and Teresa Mitchell took over the Rocking Horse Bakery in 2010 and have been making waves ever since. Both outdoor enthusiasts, the Mitchells love the Methow’s sense of community and environmental conservation. In 2009, they decided to make Winthrop their home, moving themselves and their two children from Vermont. 

“What really surprised us was how accepting people were. Often times, putting yourself in a small town, the locals can be standoffish which is totally natural. Folks here embrace you with open arms,” said Steve.

Steve acts of the face of Rocking Horse while his wife Theresa is busy in the back creating new recipes that incorporate exotic spices and flavors that stem from her history in a gourmet spice company specializing in Indian spice blends. 

At the bakery’s Winthrop location, home baked breads, home-made protein bars and sweet treats vie for attention with pizza, sandwiches and more exotic items like Misr Wat soup. Rocking Horse Bakery also produces an expanding line of gourmet spreads that incorporate these unique flavors.

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