Rest Awhile Country Market

After a lucrative career as a software developer in California, Amy Wu was looking for a small orchard to retire to.  Manson came across her radar after reading an article about converting apple orchards to vineyards; she visited and quickly fell in love with the apple capitol of the world.

Now, nestled in a vast orchard in Pateros at the Methow Valley turn off, Wu runs the Rest Awhile Country Market which offers a wide variety of cherries, berries, apricots, nectarines, plums and apples. With such a vast arsenal, Amy and her dedicated team make homemade spreads and jams and delicious baked goods.  But the main mission of the Rest Awhile Country Market is to sell the very best, tree ripe fruit. 



“We want the best tree ripened fruit and we want it to be organic. I really feel that everybody deserves good food and we strive to provide that.”

The backbone of the orchard is their peaches. Although she says that each peach is good for different things, Wu’s favorite is the Queen Crest which is smaller than most but so sweet and juicy that you won’t even mind it dripping down your chin.  Apart from their own products, the market has tried to become an outlet for other local producers to sell their wares. They have a focus on local wines and enjoying sharing different varietals with visitors passing through.

The name “Rest Awhile” came to encourage people passing through to stop and rest by the river, use the restrooms and picnic tables and enjoy some fresh fruit or a smoothie as they journey on the Cascade Loop.

Stop by the market at the east entrance to the Methow Valley, Highway 153 at Pateros,  to experience it for yourself and try some of their fabulous fruit, jams or baked goods.