Pinetooth Press

Pinetooth Press and its sister product line, Woodshed Ink, were founded in July of 2016 by Bryan Putnam (one of those artist-printmaker-designer-creative-fellers) who left his position as an art professor at the University of Oregon to build a creative business back in his home community of the Methow Valley. He is assisted/inspired/distracted by two lovely ladies, Regan Putnam and baby girl Sylvie, as well as their trusty pooch, Zeke.

Pinetooth Press is a small run label and print studio with a mission to create art for daily life: art that is worn, used or pinned up. Woodshed Ink grew out of a desire Bryan had to use his expertise in drawing and apparel-making to help other small businesses, events, and groups thrive. 


The Code

NEVER PRINT GARBAGE. It’s a pretty simple standard that Bryan believes will make a big impact. Bryan is committed to designing, printing, building, and branding in a way that is excellent, ethical, environmentally-friendly, and easy (for the customer).

Bryan is proud to run a green print shop. Using only water-based inks and biodegradable solvents, he chooses recycled materials for packaging, and researches every company he decides to source apparel from to ensure that Pinetooth and Woodshed are leaving a positive impact every step of the way.

Find Pinetooth products at their new retail shop in downtown Winthrop and on Facebook. Contact Bryan about custom jobs for Woodshed Ink at