Designer Kelle Ronnfeldt has been repurposing items since she first fell in love with second-hand stores at age 12. “ I can always see the potential in a discarded item. I like using high quality textiles that may have a defect that I can cut around or fix. Often times, the older the item, the higher the quality. The styling may need to be updated but that's the fun part for me.” NeveWear is created in a home studio on Cub Creek in Winthrop.


Currently creating fashions from cashmere, merino wool, leather and buttons, NeveWear is known for its one-of-a-kind garments. Wool is a resilient, rugged and colorful medium that can look classy and crisp or cozy and casual. NeveWear can be found in stores throughout the Methow Valley, namely, The Confluence Gallery, Nectar Skin Bar and The Mazama Store. Visit or contact Kelle at 509.423.0788 for special orders.