Molly's Soaps

Molly Maxted started teaching herself how to make soap in 1975 while working her way through college in Oregon. As fate would have it, soap making turned out to be her true calling (not romance languages) and she started up a small business in 1976, after moving to Curlew, Washington.

Rural living and being able to work from home were big priorities. She was lucky to be able to continue on after moving to the Methow Valley in 1995. Now she makes soap, grows food and tends honeybees with her partner Shane Ruoss, near the Chewuch River.


A basic necessity becomes a delight

Molly's Soap is made with olive, palm and coconut oils; and spring water from the back yard. You'll find many varieties to choose from, with homegrown herbs and other natural additives with specific properties. Soap is such a basic necessity, why not make it a delight to use?

You'll find Molly's soaps at many retail locations in the Methow Valley and elsewhere, and it's available online. Please visit their website!