Methow Valley Ciderhouse

 When their youngest daughter went off to college, Richard and Lynne Wasson began looking for the perfect place to create a new life. What they found was 15 acres of orchard off of the Chewuch River with black, rich soil and a view of Mount Gardner that cannot be beat. This would later become the perfect location to pursue their new passion – making cider. 



From the Glacier to the Glass

Methow Valley Ciderhouse’s award-winning blends are made with ten varieties of special cider apples from old American, English, and French trees, all grown on site. The farm’s fertile soil (it is located on an ancient lake bed) and the best water fresh from the pristine Chewuch River make the trees happy and healthy.

From Howling Wolf cider, whose hops give it a slight bitter finish, to varieties aged with oak and other flavors, each variety of Methow Valley Cider is made with a different combination of apples, and has a unique flavor profile. Cidermaster Richard Wasson is constantly on the hunt for new flavor combinations, and experiments with ways to make his cider stand out. And his efforts have paid off. Recently, their ciders have won two bronze medals at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition in St. John's, Michigan. Methow Valley Ciders are sold at many local retail and restaurant establishments.

The ciderhouse is located at 28 Highway 20, just as you enter Winthrop from Mazama. Their hours are 12-8 (with some exceptions) and they cater to families with games, a kid-friendly menu, and a climbing wall in the snow-free months! With a big-screen TV for sports and movies, a beverage menu including seven ciders, regional beer and wine, and a food menu heavy on locally-sourced options, it’s a stop not to miss!

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