Methow Spring Water

When Dr. Michal Friedrich discovered a beautiful spring on his property in Mazama, he wanted to share its pure, mineral-rich water with the world, and build a business dedicated to being part of the Methow Valley community. Friedrich, a dentist by trade, and his business partner Thor Johnson, founded Methow Spring Water.

Fresh from the Paysaten wilderness and rich in minerals, Methow Spring water has a unique, clean taste. The water is filtered using ultraviolet light instead of harmful chemicals, then packaged and sold as Methow Spring Water or as private label water. Methow Spring also supplies water to emergency service operations such as wildland fire fighters. A fire fighter himself, Johnson knows how important fresh, clean water is to keep strong in the field.



“We are not about the bottom dollar.”

Methow Spring’s owners emphasize the responsibility they feel to the community. Methow Spring Water bottles are made of the highest-quality recyclable plastic, and all labor and other supplies are sourced from the local community. 

“We are proud to be able to pay people above the minimum wage and help people who want to stay in the valley make that dream happen,” says Johnson. “Unlike our major competitors, we are not about the bottom dollar. We are about making the highest quality recyclable product while supporting the local community.”

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