Methow Brewing Company

Aaron Studen has been brewing beer since before it was a cool. As a young student at Wesleyan, Aaron brewed at home to combat the flavorless ales that he was finding on grocery shelves. 

“I discovered that the beer I was brewing at home was better than the beer that I could find in stores. In 1993, the microbrewing industry was still very young,” he recalls. When Aaron and his wife Becky went looking for a small town mountain home, the Methow Valley and a new brewery were the logical choices.


Fresh Brews and Real Food

The Twisp River Pub, home to the Methow Brewing Company, is now one of the most vibrant locations in the valley. The brewery’s small volume allows Aaron to focus on using the highest quality ingredients and ensure that the beer is always fresh. Beer from the Methow Brewing Company is unfiltered, so it retains all nutritional benefit from the yeast. At the pub, all choices on the extensive menu are made from scratch and local products are used as much as possible. 

Methow Brewing Company beers often incorporate other local products such as the Blue Star Coffee Stout and a Cherry Hefeweizen made from locally-grown fruit. “We want to be a gathering place for the community and believe in supporting the community that supports us,” Aaron says. Find Methow Brewing Company beers at retailers around the Valley, and in the Twisp River Pub on Highway 20 at the north end of Twisp.

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