Mccoy's traditional soaps


how we started

Self-sufficiency enthusiast, Gina McCoy, started making soap for herself, and then for family and friends, while husband Tom stuck steadfastly with his ‘Irish Spring’.  No foo-foo soaps for him.  Gina finally asked what kind of handmade soap he would try and he wittily replied ‘bacon-scented’.  That experiment didn’t work…but the next one did!  The game was afoot.
Since trying her first batch of tallow-based ‘Soap for Men’, Tom has never gone back to industrial soap.  In fact, he decided that it was so superior that we need to share it with the world.  So, we started ‘McCoy’s Traditional and developed a line of soap for those who want high quality soap “The way soap used to be, only better”.



We hand-render small batches of locally-sourced tallow, blending it with high quality olive, coconut, and other oils to produce soaps that REALLY WORK.  Rich-lathering, long-lasting, deep cleansing without being harsh.  It rinses completely leaving no oily feeling or scent, just clean!  

McCoy’s Traditional soaps are gentle, all-natural and never scented.  Many of our most devoted customers have highly sensitive skin or are unable to tolerate fragrances or other industrial chemicals used in most other soaps. 



Producing bar soap requires the use of an oil that is solid at room temperatures. Traditionally, tallow or lard has been the source of solid oil for soap making. Recently plant based substitutes (i.e. palm oil) have become available.  There are a couple of reasons why we chose to use tallow as our base oil.  Tallow soap tends to be longer-lasting and more cleansing and bubbly than soap made with plant based oils.  Tallow soaps don’t clog the pores and leave skin feeling clean and well-conditioned.  There is no argument; palm oil is cheaper and easier to acquire than quality tallow but we feel that the superior properties of our soap are well worth the extra effort and expense.


Suet is a byproduct of beef production with little commercial use, thus it very often ends up in landfills.  We see suet as a valuable resource that we not only take out of the solid waste stream but also use it to produce a premium quality household product.  Our suet is locally-sourced and hand-rendered in small batches, using no chemicals.  Whenever possible we utilize suet from certified humane-raised, grass-fed beef.

Visit to purchase our soaps and  for more information regarding sustainability, including issues associated with palm oil production (the most common alternative oil to animal-derived oils) and tropical deforestation.