Looney Creek

Taera Jones is a professional flutist and fell into sewing her clothing line by accident.

“I decided to semi-retire when my daughters asked me to help out at their market booth selling their weaving. I had designed some clothes for my grandkids, so I sold those. They took off really well.”

Taera designs and sews repurposed clothes and accessories on Etsy.com and farmer markets around the Methow Valley.

“Most of the accessories I make are from reclaimed fabric, like scarves and wine bags from reused t-shirts and aprons made of jeans that I got at the senior center. So it helps the senior center, saves me money, and it’s super local.”


Taera started making her own clothes when she was eight years old. She stopped sewing when she became involved in her music. She is excited to be sewing again.

“My biggest ideas come at night. It’s not a choice—I just get these ideas!”

Taera loves deep and vibrant colors from nature, intriguing textures and lines of fabric.  She enjoys repurposing fabric from clothes whose styles are no longer popular or that do not fit an area well and let it “tell me what it needs to be.”

In addition to making repurposed accessories, Taera also makes a popular line of reversible hats and has started a new Plus Size clothing line.

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