Jae Cremin specializes in made-to-order silk, wool and cotton wearable fabrics and art. She uses unique, sustainable and natural processes such as nuno felting and eco printing, which uses only botanicals, vinegar and iron mordants, and snow dyeing, which uses vinegar and fresh snow to achieve unique crystal and molted patterns.

Jae sells her 100% eco-printed and snow-dyed silk satin scarves in varying sizes, and her unique nuno-felted silk and 100% Merino wool hats and scarves are made to order in different styles and sizes. She sells her inspired creations from her studio, La Fabrica, on the TwispWorks campus and at the Confluence Gallery in Twisp.

Born in Chicago, Jae first began studying art at Johnson State College in the 1980s and then moved to Montreal to be an aesthetician and runway model. After moving west, Jae attended the Oregon College of Arts & Crafts and the Pacific Northwest College of Arts.

In Portland, Jae owned a gallery called The Second Floor Gallery that supported emerging artists. She then moved to the Columbia River Gorge, and finally landed in the Methow in 2004 bringing her horses and family with her. Initially attracted to the Methow as a great place to raise a child, Jae and her family have become an integral part of the community.

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