Duane and his constant companion Jackie

Duane and his constant companion Jackie


A fourth generation resident of the Methow Valley, Duane Kikendall did his first wood lathe work in high school shop class.  He enjoyed it so much, it had always been a dream of his to do more.  When he finally retired and had the time, he invested in a lathe and started to learn the process.

Utilizing wood from salvaged from dead trees around his home in Carlton, Washington, Duane works on the lathe as a hobby, turning items from bottle stoppers to  peppermills, all from the local woods that surround his home.  

Duane never knows what he is going to make when he puts a piece of wood in the lathe.   The piece comes alive as the knots and grain define its beauty.  The wood will take you there.

Duane's peppermills, bowls, bottle stoppers and vases can be found at the Carlton General Store in Carlton, WA.