New Hampshire native Jonathan Baker, ’97 RISD graduate in Industrial Design and veteran product designer, is bringing his skills to the Methow Valley. His company, titled eqpd (pronounced "equipped"), is designing and locally manufacturing a variety of multipurpose bags, backpacks and protective gear for use in active, everyday life. The eqpd campaign starts July 2014, so be on the lookout for posters and eqpd gear all around the Valley.



All eqpd products are designed to be “useful, versatile and durable” and what better testing ground then the Methow to prove that claim. “The raw and honest character of the Valley inspires us to create products that behave the same”. When Jonathan first visited TwispWorks in 2012, he saw the campus as a natural choice.

TwispWorks believes in creating economic vitality through education and the arts; eqpd believes that art and design can help educate, inspire and employ a community. Jonathan is a strong believer and active in rebuilding the U.S. manufacturing industry.

“The ability to make and repair things is a cornerstone of any economy. We have sent many of those skills away and it's a shame. At eqpd, we design and manufacture all our items here in Twisp and source all our materials in the U.S. I have firsthand seen the economic engine that great design and local manufacturing can be. We consistently challenge ourselves to merge great design with U.S. manufacturing in a way that celebrates the richness in each."

You can visit the eqpd team at Twispworks, Bldg. #7 or at eqpdgear.com.