Door No. 3 Print Studio

Door No. 3 Print Studio is a producer of hand printed paper and fabric goods created by artist/designers Laura Gunnip and Robin Doggett

Both share a love for the craft of printing and collaborate on the designs for all of Door No. 3's work. Their colorful palette and heart-felt designs are often inspired by their proximity to mountains, farms, food and wildlife. 

To find a printmaking studio in a small community like the Methow Valley is quite rare. So when Door No. 3 opened its doors in 2008, Laura and Robin focused on offering classes to the community and providing access to the studio's printing presses. The studio and business creates hand printed wholesale and retail items.

“Bringing a bit of creativity and fun to everyday things is important to what we do at Door No. 3,” says Laura. “My hope is that it empowers people to be more creative in their own lives.”  

While a light-hearted approach to design is evident, Laura and Robin's designs also aim to create a dialog through the studio's choice of subject matter. The pair design and print a limited edition calendar each year that is concept based; the most recent featured illustrations of edible seeds. “Communicating through design is a big part of what we're trying to do. I love talking about concepts and then turning them into objects that share an idea” says Robin. 

Studio and Shop at TwispWorks

Door No. 3's studio and shop is open during TwispWorks' Open Studio Saturdays and by appointment. Stop by and see their antique printing press used to print most of their work and browse their shop full of gift cards, t-shirts, kids' gifts and other fun limited-edition finds.

Located in Twisp in Building 9 of TwispWorks at 502 South Glover Street.

For more information please visit Door No. 3 Print Studio's website: