Carolee Addis moved to the Methow Valley in 1969 when she was 11 years old and has lived here ever since. Her lifelong affinity for animals and dream to own her own business moved her to start d.o.g. dudz three years ago.

Carolee designs, hand dyes and sews her own line of dog leashes and collars in her studio on the TwispWorks campus in Twisp, WA. “I have a passion for it because I love my dogs and realize the things that they need. In 1998 I had the idea of the business and what I wanted to do. Upon retirement, I made my dream come true.”


Carolee makes collars, 8-ft. running leashes and leashes that go around the waist for hands-free training, such as for agility. Her collars and leashes use 100% hemp. Hemp is soft, durable and anti-microbial. Her collars and leashes also have all metal hardware, which is durable and capable of holding up to strong canine jaws, unlike plastic.

Carolee uses all natural and organic dyes to dye her collars and leashes. The five colors she uses are indigo, rabbit brush, matter roots, black walnut and cochineal, which produce beautifully muted colors and natural variations. No two colors are alike.

Carolee also makes Moli Stix, which are nutritious, gourmet and locally-made dog treats.

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