“With cheap candles, there is no scent once you start burning. Even expensive candles lose their scent after five minutes, so I decided to make them myself.”

Tiffany devoted hours of research and experimentation to create the best soy candle she could make. Her dedication paid off.

“My candles burn longer, cleaner and I get scent throughout. I use all natural cotton which burns really clean and doesn’t get soot build-up. These candles get about 120 hours, and they smell as good at the end of the candle as at the beginning.”

Cowgirl Candles are made with 100% all-natural soy and are preservative-free.

“It’s a clean-burning, renewable resource. [Producing] colors without preservatives is difficult to do in soy; my colors will always have mottled effects. You won’t get the perfect dark red color--but it’s better. Preservatives impact your sense of smell. Soy is cleaner, healthier and sustainable. It burns without releasing carcinogens into the atmosphere like paraffin candles.”

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Tiffany Scott loves candles that make you hungry.

“I prefer earthy or fruit intensive flavors like cinnamon and apple jack. Three of my flavors are really great sellers: Birthday Cake, Apple Jack Tequila Cranberry and Apple Marmalade.”

Cowgirl Candle Co. candles are available at Methow Made retailers Aspen Grove and Methow Masala in Winthrop as well as Retro Pony Boutique.

Tiffany’s desire to make candles in 2008 led her to figuring out how to make candles on her own. She went online and started researching. The first year, she made some for herself and when she showed them to her friend, Jenny Tissel, Jenny wanted [to offer] them in her novelty store, Trick Pony.

“So I started making them for her store first. Then I started doing the holiday bazaars in Winthrop and Twisp, and people started ordering them.”

Tiffany soon found that the demand for her candles traveled with her.

“I show horses and I travel for that. People would order my candles at the horse shows, too. I would take my candles with me and set up a table.”