Charts And Light is the very micro papercraft business that I run out of a tiny corner in my guest room down in Carlton. I love to focus on small gifts and decor made from maps because of the sentimental heft people associate with the geography of their favorite places. When I sell at an event, it is just the coolest thing for me to watch customers flip through my products and see their eyes light up when they find The One...their first summit peak...the town they grew up...the ski run on which they literally crashed into their now-husband.

All of my maps are recycled, and I work primarily with old aviation charts, topographic and forest service maps. I beg, borrow, steal and trade from any resource I can...local pilots, craigslist ads, bookstores and antique shops. It is just the coolest thing for me to flip through old maps at a junk shop and find The One.

I craft mostly with the mind-numbingly mundane light switch cover because it offers me the chance to reach EVERYBODY. We all have switchplate covers in our home, and they are just the worst at ruining the aesthetic for a room that a person has otherwise carefully curated.

Although I maintain a fairly large inventory switchplates from Washington and PNW locations, people can request any geographic area as a custom order through my Etsy shop. Switchplates require approximately one week to fulfill.

Customers can always find me online at my Etsy shop, website and social media accounts. Folks are welcome to contact me at, for a studio tour if they’d like to chat more about my processes or make a purchase on their way up- or down-valley.

“I’ve taken the opportunity to render switchplates’ utilitarian blandness into a well-loved and handmade gift with a surprising amount of decorative heft: a person’s homes really is one of the most special places, and I love being part of making home even more special for my customers”