When the Methow Made campaign first began, Lucinda Tear, owner of Lucinda's Botanical Salves and Potions, had  been selling her goods only at local craft fairs. Now, Lucinda is in two local stores and growing.

"The first person to contact me was Lucinda Bowers from Winthrop Motors. I think it was because we have the same name," Lucinda joked, "Once my product was in one store I became more confident in approaching other retailers. It's easier for me to approach retailers about carrying my product as part of the campaign, rather than just by myself."  Feeling confident from the experience, Lucinda next approached the Mazama Store, where her product now sits on their custom Methow Made display. 

The increase in business has forced Lucinda to focus more on her product. "Being part of the Methow Made campaign has given my brand legitimacy and really forced me to up my game," she says. She redesigned her product line, created new, updated labels and is focusing on using even more local flora to truly encompass the Methow Made name.


Lucinda has had at least one visit to her home for a consultation as a result of the Methow Made campaign. A woman traveling through the Methow had seen Lucinda's information in the Methow Made supplement. When she reached Twin Lakes road, she called Lucinda for a personal consultation and directions to her house.  A nurse from Bremerton who often worked with the elderly, The visitor thought that some of Lucinda's healing salves could help her patients. After a reflexology session with Lucinda, the visitor left the Methow with a bagful of healing potions. "Nobody has ever really searched me out before," says Lucinda. 

Find out how you can try some of Lucinda's salves for yourself. Pick them up at the Mazama Store or Winthrop Motors, or check out her website


Posted on November 7, 2013 .