Allison Scollard has been making candles for 20 years. She's also been a nanny, a caretaker in elder-care and hospice work and a perennial gardener. She relocated from the Seattle area to the Methow Valley two years ago to be with her husband, Matt Woosley, a 30-year veteran U.S. Forest Service Smokejumper. These days, Allison enjoys crafting, gardening, baking--and making candles!

Bee Happy Candle Co. uses 100% pure beeswax. Beeswax is a natural and renewable resource. Candles made of beeswax are dripless, smokeless and non-toxic. Each half-cup quilted canning jar contains 3 ounces of pure beeswax and burns for approximately 20 hours.

Bee Happy Candle Co. candles and tea lights are available at the following retailers: the Mazama Store in Mazama, Aspen GroveMethow Masala and Pardner's Mini Mart in Winthrop, the Sun Mountain Lodge Gift Shop (tea lights only), Hank's Harvest FoodsGlover Street Market, Local 98856, the Confluence Gallery & Art Center in Twisp and at Lone Pine Fruit & Espresso in Orondo.


Allison sources her beeswax from a North Cascades farmer. Her loving and supportive husband, Matt Woosley, hammers the 5-gallon buckets of hard beeswax into small meltable pieces, which Allison then melts in her ingenious "latte" pitcher. She weighs and carefully pours the hot wax into individual mason jars. After carefully placing and centering the wicks in the hot wax, she waits almost an hour as the wax solidifies around each one and then shortens the wicks to the right length.

Lucky for us, Allison loves making candles and finds the process highly therapeutic.

"It makes me happy to produce something that I can be proud of and that people enjoy. It gives me a great feeling of satisfaction."