The Methow Made campaign, a program of TwispWorks, is expanding to include artinsal and craft products that are made and produced in the Methow Valley.


Methow Made began in 2013 as an agricultural marketing campaign and currently has 8 hand-made displays in retail locations throughout the valley. The purpose of the campaign is to help visitors and locals alike identify and easily locate products that are made in the Methow Valley.

Participation in the campaign includes the usage of the Methow Made logo as well as inclusion in the annual Methow Made supplement to the Methow Valley News, signage, events, advertising, media outreach, and promotional materials.

Methow Made is a partnership between TwispWorks and Methow Valley businesses. Criteria for participation were created through a community stakeholder process. The Methow Made is made possible through a grant from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.

Applications can be downloaded beginning March 3rd at or picked up at the TwispWorks office at 502 Glover Street, Twisp, WA 98856. Applications are due March 31st, 2014.

Posted on February 28, 2014 .


Old Schoolhouse Brewery's wide selection of beer

Old Schoolhouse Brewery's wide selection of beer

If you've been to the Old Schoolhouse Brewery lately you might have seen a new name on the menu.  Runaway Red, created by brewers Blaze Ruud and Kyle Koger, was inspired by Kyle’s dog Cedar who would regularly escape their yard to make his way to the brewery. 

A Winter Style IPA , Runaway Red boasts classic Northwest hop varieties and a complex malt profile making it a deep red color and less bitter than the brewery’s Flagship IPA, the Ruud Awakening.  So far, the red has been lauded by locals and tourists alike (myself included) and is expected to grow in popularity as it begins to peak this week. Although Ruud and Koger normally prefer to stick to classic styles of beer, the creation of Runaway Red has been a fun experience for the veteran brewers. A self-proclaimed beer classicist, Ruud says that he “likes to experiment with new flavor profiles motivated by the demands of the people.” For example, OSB is currently working on an IPA with a lower alcohol content (but same great taste) that would allow cyclists to stop in for a beer and still safely navigate themselves home.  Stop in at the Old Schoolhouse Brewery today to try Runwaway Red for yourself.  

Keep an eye out for upcoming Old Schoolhouse events and specials on their Facebook page as well as for information about the upcoming "Winthrop Hop Rendezvous," a newly formed Brew Fest, in partnership with the Winthrop Chamber of Commerce. Taste the brews of 10 Washington breweries at the Winthrop Ice Rink on June 21st from 1 - 6 p.m. The event will happen alongside a local mountain bike festival. More details on that to follow.

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When Dave & Marilyn Sabold decided to get into making skin cream, the idea was to keep the business small so that the couple could enjoy their well earned retirement. However, that plan might soon change as demand for Gardner Gardens Beeswax Skincream grows throughout the valley. Already sold in Glover Street Market, Sun Mountain and the Mazama Store, Dave recently made the foray into Hanks Harvest Foods where his product has been selling well. "They've been flying out of there!" says Dave. 

The Sabolds first began making skincream after they were brought a bag of bees and Dave had to very quickly learn what to do with them. Using a recipe from a chiropractor friend, Dave formulated a beeswax based skin cream that is perfect for anyone who gardens, plays sports or works with their hands.

Find out more about Gardner Gardens and where to buy some for yourself.

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When the Methow Made campaign first began, Lucinda Tear, owner of Lucinda's Botanical Salves and Potions, had  been selling her goods only at local craft fairs. Now, Lucinda is in two local stores and growing.

"The first person to contact me was Lucinda Bowers from Winthrop Motors. I think it was because we have the same name," Lucinda joked, "Once my product was in one store I became more confident in approaching other retailers. It's easier for me to approach retailers about carrying my product as part of the campaign, rather than just by myself."  Feeling confident from the experience, Lucinda next approached the Mazama Store, where her product now sits on their custom Methow Made display. 

The increase in business has forced Lucinda to focus more on her product. "Being part of the Methow Made campaign has given my brand legitimacy and really forced me to up my game," she says. She redesigned her product line, created new, updated labels and is focusing on using even more local flora to truly encompass the Methow Made name.


Lucinda has had at least one visit to her home for a consultation as a result of the Methow Made campaign. A woman traveling through the Methow had seen Lucinda's information in the Methow Made supplement. When she reached Twin Lakes road, she called Lucinda for a personal consultation and directions to her house.  A nurse from Bremerton who often worked with the elderly, The visitor thought that some of Lucinda's healing salves could help her patients. After a reflexology session with Lucinda, the visitor left the Methow with a bagful of healing potions. "Nobody has ever really searched me out before," says Lucinda. 

Find out how you can try some of Lucinda's salves for yourself. Pick them up at the Mazama Store or Winthrop Motors, or check out her website


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You’ve come to the right place to learn more about some of the products you can take home to stay connected to this magical place. We’re excited to launch this program after months of planning. Hundreds of people in the community helped develop this program, which exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, creativity and entrepreneurship inherent to the Methow. Please let us know what you think, and check back often for news about new partners, retail locations, tasting events and more.


Posted on June 10, 2013 .


Methow Made displays, designed by TwispWorks partners Corin McDonald and Brice Butler and hand built by Brice Butler, are landing in stores around the Methow Valley this week!

Methow Made signs

The displays, made partly from reclaimed wood, were built to hold all the Methow Made certified products and show them off to the public.

In addition to the design/build team of Corin and Brice, metal artist Steve Ward, also a TwispWorks partner, made the steel stands and brackets that hold the displays together.

Displays have been placed at the Mazama Store and Glover Street Market so far. In the next week look for displays in other local retailers!
Posted on June 9, 2013 .